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Garbage Disposal Installation

Although home cooking is an excellent way to save money, it often produces a lot of waste. Repeatedly taking out the garbage can be a time-consuming hassle, and sometimes, a little bit of convenience goes a long way.

Metro Plumbing And Heating Limited offers garbage disposal installation to provide you with an easy way of minimizing waste. Simply run the garbage disposal under cold water, and flush food debris down the drain and out of your home.

It’s a sustainable way of eliminating waste that’s good for the environment. Call (604) 754-8464 and see what we can do for you.

The Convenience of a Garbage Disposal

Often, scooping scraps of food off a plate and into the trash is a practice many would prefer to go without. When cooking or cleaning, it’s very common that some food manages to get down the drain. Although homeowners often do their best to avoid it, it’s almost impossible to keep food scraps from disappearing down your pipes.

Our garbage disposal installations provide the easiest way to clean up after cooking. Just rinse your dishes in the sink, place them in the dishwasher, and flip the garbage disposal switch.

Garbage Disposal Installations Protect the Environment

When you opt-in for a garbage disposal, you’re helping contribute to a cleaner environment. When used frequently, garbage bags fill up landfills. As the landfills dispose of your kitchen waste, they often burn the garbage, releasing volatile substances into the atmosphere. However, a garbage disposal moves food particles into sewers instead. In turn, your kitchen waste eventually reaches water treatment plants, where it’s processed and used for energy production or fertilizer.

Prolong Your Plumbing with a Garbage Disposal Install

Standard drains can become clogged as food and grease build up over time. Hiring a plumber is the best option for clogged drains, but their services can be expensive. The best solution? Garbage disposal installation.

With a garbage disposal, food scraps disappear with the flick of a switch!

Our installations can save you money in the long run by keeping your pipes clear and prolonging the life of your plumbing system. We have a wide variety of affordable options, no matter your budget or what you’re looking for.

Proper Care for Your Garbage Disposal

Although Metro Plumbing And Heating Limited provides a garbage disposal repair service, we believe in proactively preventing issues. Your garbage disposal is perfect for a variety of organic debris, but the following items could damage it:

  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Vegetable peelings
  • Pits or seeds
  • Bones
  • Uncooked rice

Most organic items you can’t grind in a garbage disposal can be composted, allowing you to dispose of your food sustainably.

Garbage Disposal Installation

If you’re interested in installing a garbage disposal in your home, contact Metro Plumbing And Heating Limited today. We’re committed to customer service and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Just let us know what time works best for you, and we’ll have a garbage disposal up and running for convenient clean-up in no time.

Call (604) 754-8464 today.

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